SOTA sealers and surface treatments are water-based, single component, extremely low to no VOC’s, standalone products that are breathable, dry virtually invisible and repel water and other liquids. Many are hydrophobic and oleo phobic, stain resistant, repel environmental contaminants and many other destructive elements.


SOTA protective coatings and water-based sealers are surface treatments that are different! They are manufactured using a unique, proprietary, controlled chemical reaction which actually creates a bond with inorganic and organic components into an integrated “hyper-dense” lattice matrix. By using SOTA’s manufacturing process, they don't just "play together well" they literally become integrated and complementary whole.


Within our product line, you will find products that are: hydrophobic, oleo phobic, corrosion resistant, UV stable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, temperature resistant, extremely hard, optically clear, provide excellent adhesion to host substrate, versatile application options (spray, dip, roll, brush), environmentally conscious (green chemistry, non-bio accumulative, low to no VOC), highly cross-linked within the material itself and highly cross-linked to the substrate causing a true molecular bond.


Our protective solvent based coatings are UV stable, hydrophobic and oleo phobic which provide excellent protection against moisture, stains, some acids, mold, abrasion, hi heat, corrosion, environmental contaminants and many other destructive elements.



Product Data Sheets, MSDS and other data available upon request.